The Gap

In case you were wondering about the blog title you can find out more about “gap year” here.

It’s basically a term used by Europeans to describe a year off before, during, or right after university studies.  More and more these days it’s just a term for anyone – students, midcareer professionals, retirees – who are just taking a year off from their “normal” life to try something different, generally with regards to travelling.

Hence the title I chose for this blog, although technically you could say it should have read, “Falling Into The Gap Year.” 🙂  or  “Falling Into The Gap Month.”  😉

These travellers are also called (happy) “gappers”.   Someday I’ll call myself a “gapper,” but for now I’ll call myself “the gapper wannabe.”

I’m standing on the edge, peering ever so cautiously into THAT GAP. 




I lean over to look into The Gap and all I can see is a deep, dark crevice.  A black hole.  It would be ominous to some, but to me it’s arms are wide open and it stands in anticipation of embracing me into it’s warmth and it’s endless possiblities.

Inhaling deeply, I can smell the call.  The world is calling to me, telling me to leap, telling me to trust it.  Telling me it’s where I need to go.  Telling me it’s where I’m meant to be.

I’m falling. 

I’m falling hard.


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