Sunday Musings

The Lord is totally at work and present in my life right now.  While I was in Tucson for a conference and Tango Festival, through something that only God could provide, I spent some time with Ray talking shop as he was discussing the best way to interview with companies.  As it turns out, I had handed his resume to a tango acquaintance of mine who forwarded it on to his internal recruiter.  Interviews and discussions happened fairly quickly and before we knew it, Ray was offered a job.  It was totally a God thing.  You see, early in the morning on the last day possible to file for his work visa to stay in the U.S., he was given a job offer by my friend’s company.  Had he gotten an offer 1 day later, he’d be making plans to leave the U.S. in a few months.  He had to decide very quickly how to tell the hiring manager his situation, but from the sounds of things, I knew they would be reasonable and willing to do what they could to help him.  He called them first thing in the morning and by 5PM, the company’s lawyers had filed all of the necessary paperwork to get Ray his work Visa.  The timing of everything was amazing and it was only something that God could do.  Ray will essentially be starting up a company within a company.  It’s more of an entrepreneurial career path, as opposed to his first desire which was private equity/finance, but Ray is the kind of person who becomes so focused on a goal that sometimes the blinders stay up too long and flexibility gets compromised.  Neither of us expected this opportunity to arise, but it did and I’m glad he stayed open to it long enough to consider it.  God really had to have had a hand in the unfolding of these events.  There was a plan and a purpose for our friendship to unfold and for Ray to stay here in SF.

Going back to AZ was difficult for me.  It had been a long time since I’ve flown back.  I stayed the weekend and took some time to drive around the campus.  Crazy memories came back to me.  I couldn’t believe how much the city has changed, and yet, a lot of it was still the same.  It was bittersweet to say the least.  Lots of good memories, but lots of sad ones as well.  I wish I could go back and do a few things differently, but such is life and it’s better to focus on what is and what will be.

I’m still doing a lot of dancing these days.  My foot has not had really given me many problems – thank goodness.  But I am on hyper alert for any aches and pains or overworking it. 

My brother has met someone in his travels…so we’ll see how that unfolds!

I’m still hopeful of finding a relationship. I’ve relaxed a bit about it and I do find myself being more open and authentic with the people around me.  I hope he’s a dancer too…  and I sure hope he likes lots of hugs.  Please continue to pray for God to bring that special someone in my life, for me to be content even without a bf, and for me to heal and accept all of the junk from my past.  Thank you!


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