The Year in Review

– Attended Denver Fusion exchange

– Tried speed dating for the first time.  No dice.
– Came down with a bizarre cold.  Lost my voice for a week.
– Tried rock climbing for the first time.  Really enjoyed it.

– Got diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus.  I was sad and depressed since I was really getting into dancing.  Thankfully no flare ups since then, and I have still been dancing regularly.
– I went to the healing rooms to get prayer over my foot.  Came back to what was sort of a miracle.  On the day that my friend’s visa was to expire, he got a job offer.
– Went to Arizona for a work conference, which also coincided with a tango festival.  I attended my first festival.  I enjoyed it, but it was definitely a quiet and small event.

– Had my second private tango lesson (my first “real” lesson).

– Went to Zion/Bryce Canyon with Sundeep, Charles and Vicky

– Attended a transcendental meditation info session.  Attempted to join the campus group to meditate together on a regular basis, but it fizzled out due to time/schedules not working out.

– Volunteered at BOW Classic again.

– Tried contra dancing for the first time.  It was so much fun!

– Went to a training session in Chicago, met a guy (D.B) who plays in a band.  Unexpectedly, we had dinner and he joined me for tango.  He didn’t dance but hung out with me.  He sat in the studio while I danced, even ‘tho he could have left at any moment.  It was really nice of him to do that.  It’s been a long time since I just had a really nice date.
– Got news that my Grandma was getting weaker.  In good health, but age was generally catching up to her

– Tried to see All-4-One with Shirley.  Epic fail.

– Attended SFTM and helped volunteer as a babysitter. Had a great tanda with a guy from Caltech area.
– My grandma passed away.  I flew home for the first time in many years.  It was strange to be home and not where I wanted to be.

– Went to see a psychic medium for the first time.  Interesting, to say the least, but after listening to the recording of the session again, I think she’s a crock.  LOL.  C’est la vie.


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